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19 May

Special Needs Schools Geelong: Where Is It?

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Not too many people may know where Geelong is but for parents with children who have special learning needs, they know where it is. Geelong is located in the southern Australian state of Victoria a few miles from Melbourne. Because of the popularity of catholic schools Melbourne, the education gurus of Geelong began building special needs schools to supplement the catholic schools in the state's capital.

Before long, special needs schools Geelong became the identity of the city and the two have since become synonymous.

Why Go to Geelong?

The distance itself begs the question: why go to some place only to teach students with special needs. This question gains more prominence if the fact those other bigger and more accessible cities are also building up their network of special schools. Still, despite these challenges and questions, special needs schools Geelong stands out from the rest because of the unique and endless special education resources teachers get to enjoy such as special education software while spending their time on any of the special needs schools in the area. This endless support is sometimes difficult to come by especially in schools owned by private entities.

The Logistics of Going There

Going to Geelong to teach in any of the special schools there is not difficult at all. Because of the city's proximity to Melbourne, it is easy to go there by air. If one's choice of travel is by land, the same is also true. Being one of the centres of interlocking railroad network in southern Australia, going there by train is very easy. For those who want to travel by sea, access is not difficult at all. Because of this, special needs schools Geelong are able to attract the best special education teachers not only from Australia but from all over the world.

Supplementing the fact that it is easy to go to Geelong is the fact that the special needs schools Geelong provide special education resources teachers in other similar schools anywhere can only dream of. Moreover, because such schools are popular all throughout Australia, it is never a problem when students enrolment may fall, which causes some teachers to be unemployed for a while, or their salary may take a dip during the duration schools have a very low enrolment, which is hardly a possibility in a popular school.

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Anna Davis

Anna Davis

Anna taught extensively overseas before returning to Australia.

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